Is Invicta a Good Brand?

Is Invicta a Good Brand?

Is Invicta a Good Brand?

While searching for an affordable watch, I’m sure you have considered an Invicta wristwatch. Invicta watches have a variety of design and aesthetics that will catch your eye. The appearance of these watches are similar to those of more expensive watches. They are mostly affordable in comparison to the thousand dollar timepieces that we all know and love.

Is Invicta a Good Brand?

Invicta is a Swiss watch company founded in 1837 by Raphael Picard. He had founded the company in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, the home of famous watch brands such as Breitling, Girard-Perragaux and Omega. In 1991, Invicta was acquired by an American company with the headquarters residing in Hollywood, Florida. Their aim was to focus the brand on both quality and affordability.

Why are Invicta watches so cheap?

Invicta cuts costs on production by turning the manufacturing process overseas. Many watch brands design their watches in-house then turn over the production to oversees companies in order to reduce costs for their consumers. These companies include Ronda, ISA, Seagull, Miyota, and even the trusty watch brand Seiko.

Is Invicta a luxury brand?

Invicta is mostly an “affordable-luxury” brand. Their designs feature similar aesthetics as higher-end brands, but for the most part they are much more affordable. With that said, Invicta does have their own line of higher-end luxury watches which range in the thousands.

Invicta is a very popular wrist watch brand due to their affordability, appearance and wide range of products. Whether you are looking for something affordable, luxury, casual or classy, Invicta has a watch for every occasion.

If you are looking for a wrist watch that will catch the eye of others and help you look presentable then Invicta is the watch brand for you. There are many different watches to choose from. I would highly recommend at least checking out their wide range of products. I am confident you will find the specific wrist watch you are looking for.

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